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Showers (and baths) are a major pick-me-up for me.  I am guilty of enjoying showers that are entirely too long with what my husband refers to as scalding hot water.  Showers serve to wake me up in the morning, calm me down when I’m stressed, and just improve my quality of life overall (the plush bath robe that I received as a gift this winter helps with that too!).

Much to my surprise, I recently found out that the showers I’ve been enjoying for years were sub-par compared to what they could have been.  Levaqua sent thier Levaqua® 220 OneTouch™ Fixed Digital Showerhead my way and I’ve been feeling particularly spoiled ever since.

The Levaqua® FH220’s built-in digital technology allows consumers to choose from four invigorating spray settings, two timer settings, and two pre-programmed spa settings – “relax” and “refresh” – at the touch of a button.  Each program uses a variety of spray patterns to create a luxurious spa experience. Consumers can also choose between “pause,” “timer” or “eco” settings, all of which are designed to encourage water conservation.  The unit also features self-cleaning nozzles for easier maintenance that help reduce mineral and hard water buildup; blue LED indicator lights and easy installation that takes mere minutes.

My husband and I both agree that the showering with the Levaqua showerhead feels a lot like showering in a fancy hotel.  The water pressure is excellent even when the eco-setting (which provides 20% water savings) is on.  My personal favorite of the spray patterns is “spray” but I would be happy to shower using any of the settings.  This showerhead has two features that I especially like:  a timer and a pause button.  The timer can be programmed for 5 or 10 minutes.  When it reaches that time limit, the water pauses for a few seconds to indicate how much time has passed.  As someone who quickly loses track of time, I am sure that this feature will help me decrease my water bill.  The pause button reduces the water flow to a trickle.  This is handy for shaving or sudsing up, especially if your bathtub water temperature is as finicky as mine is and the thought of having to find the perfect temperature all over again prevents you from turning the water off via the nozzle.

The Levaqua 220 OneTouch Showerhead is one of my new favorite gadgets, hands down.  The fact that it takes 4 batteries and has so many awesome features makes it a gadget in my mind.  If you’re skittish about batteries in the shower (I was) – note that this product comes with a 5 year warranty.  Check out Levaqua for products that are sure to improve your bathing experience.

Yours to Win… a Levaqua® 220 OneTouch™ Fixed Digital Showerhead!

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Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product to facilitate this review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation.  All thoughts are my own.

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